5 Strategies to Optimize Financial & Operating Models

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are looking to disrupt their markets with nontraditional digital, subscription, project, and service-centric business models. These new service-centric models can build loyal, long-term relationships with customers by engaging customers in new ways. Shifting to a service-centric organization requires significant changes across financial, operational, and organizational structures. Yet, many companies focus only on financial models and processes. Impactful business model innovation that creates a foundation for delivering better customer outcomes requires reinvention of the entire Business Operations Experience (BX). The BX maps how an organization delivers value to their customers, including how value is captured (financial models), the way the business is run (operational processes), and how people work (organizational structures).

Join us for this webinar where we detail how the Business Operations Experience contains five strategies to optimize financial and operating models that help you navigate the rapidly shifting business landscape.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a change catalyst strategy
  • Activate customer insights
  • Innovate financial models
  • Transform operational processes
  • Activate organizational structures

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